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Incorporating the Maritime Logistics Personnel Branch

Surname/Last Updated

Surname/Last Updated

Alpha Surname 16/07/2014

Bravo Surname 31/08/2014

Charlie Surname 06/09/2014

Delta Surname 30/08/2014

Echo Surname 13/05/2014

Foxtrot Surname 31/08/2014

Golf Surname 31/08/2014

Hotel Surname 31/08/2014

India Surname 31/08/2014

Juliet Surname 31/08/2014

Kilo Surname 30/08/2014

Lima Surname 29/09/2014

Mike Surname 31/08/2014

November Surname 16/07/2014

October Surname 14/07/2014

Papa Surname 31/08/2014

Quebec Surname 13/05/2014

Romeo Surname 31/08/2014

Sierra Surname 30/08/2014

Tango Surname 16/07/2014

Uniform Surname 13/05/2014

Victor Surname 13/05/2014

Whiskey Surname 31/08/2014

Uniform Surname 31/08/2014

Yankee Surname 10/06/20114

Zulu Surname 13/05/2014

Pictures by Date Deceased

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Other Old Photos of people

These are other photos of ex scribes serving or retired in addition to the lists on the right.

Last Update:05/09/2014

   Pictures By Surname
The pictures depicted here contain people photos of serving and retired Scribes (Writers and ML-P people).

Photos for those that have changed their name (eg marriage) will appear under the new name.

If your picture is missing or you wish to update it or any details, please email us your picture or changes for inclusion in this list to: