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Reunion 2017 - MELBOURNE

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM REUNION ORGANISER - MARTY GROGAN. Seaview (Williamstown Events Centre) recently contacted me to advise that the Private Catering Contractor for our main event live has gone belly up.

We had not yet paid any Deposits, as I still had not signed a contract for the event due to the paucity of Registrations.  Despite putting together a very detailed programme in December 2015 which was followed up by a fine tuned programme in March, 2016, we have only had a total of 30 register for the Reunion.  They wanted a Deposit of 33% for a minimum of 150 attending within 30 days of signing the deposit.  Although they verbally said a full refund would be payable in the event of the Function not going ahead, I was always a little wary of this.

With Registration numbers at our current level I then contacted Williamstown RSL whom I had spoken to back in December 2015 and March 2016 only to find they are also now out of business and no longer even  operating as an RSL or a  business.  They also did not have their own in house Caterers.

The other Venues I had contacted at the time (only one of whom that had their own in house Caterers) all wanted to do a food and liquor package with minimum numbers starting from 100 in attendance with $100.00 per head starting point.

I do understand fully that the accommodation at Willy was very expensive but there is nothing that could be done about that.  That is why the entire all up function costs were at a very low range by using Navy and Cadet facilities in the area.

With all the above in mind and my own health issues, I have decided to pull the pin on the Reunion.  With less than three months now to go I do not believe we can get achievable numbers to go ahead.

There is an option for those that still want to come to Melbourne the following weekend.

In conjunction with the opening of a Navy Band Room at the Museum of HMAS CERBERUS the ex Bandies Association have a very extensive Reunion planned for the weekend of the 10th March where they expect to have 400 plus in attendance for some of their many activities:

Thursday 9th March - Meet and Greet at Frankston RSL Friday 10th March - Golf for those interested at HMAS CERBERUS. Saturday 11th March - Various activities including bus tours of local wineries/markets etc Saturday night - Dinner dance at Frankston RSL with small  Band playing. Sunday 12th March. AM Opening of Band Room and Tour of HMAS CERBERUS                                  Lunch at Frankston Art Centre                                  1400 Approx Full Concert at Frankston Art Centre ($10.00 per head)                                  PM Frankston RSL for those interested.

I have spoken at length to the Organiser of the Bandies Reunion and we would be welcome to join in the Friday activities.

We could have our own meet and greet that night at the very nicely appointed Hastings Club at very reasonable prices.  They would allocate us a separate room and we could just order from the Menu as required.

Saturday I could organise a tour of Phillip Island with lunch at the Phillip Island RSL.  Anyone with a Seniors Card is entitled to travel free on the ferry from Stony Point to Phillip Island.  Normally about $12.50 each way.

PM.  Dinner at the Frankston Naval Memorial Club.

Sunday join up with the Bandies for any or all of their activities. I could also organise a visit to the Supply School for those interested.

I only returned from Canberra late last night but rang the Victoriana Motel at Hastings this morning and they would offer us a Navy Deal of $125.00 per night for a standard Queen size Room.  They have accommodation available for approx 60 people including disabled facilities.  This is within walking distance of the Hastings Club.  Both are very nice venues and I have used both for Reunions in the past.

Both the Marine Hotel and Kings Creek Hotel in Hastings are now very flash and offer comprehensive meal menus including Seniors deals. The Hastings Marine Complex is also very flash and also offer Seniors Meals.

Best wishes, Marty