Attendance: Mark Worrall President (Meeting Chair) Marc Henderson Alan Axford Steve Friend Matt Regan Andrew Maskell Secretary Jay Stevenson
Arthur Skene
Garry Bourke
Terry Young

1. President’s Acknowledgement of Country. The President, Mark Worrall opened the meeting at 1908 hrs by providing an acknowledgement of country, paid his respects on behalf of the RAN Writers Association to the elders past, present and emerging, acknowledging their connections to land, sea and community. He also extended his respects on behalf of the Association to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have served and continue to serve today.

2. President’s Welcome and Report. Mark Worrall welcomed and thanked all those in attendance at the AGM, and thanked the Committee for all their efforts throughout 2021, and in particular thanked Marc Henderson and Andy Maskell for their work in validating the Association’s membership details.

3. Treasurer’s Report. Marc Henderson advised the Association of the financial position and tabled the enclosed reports for financial years 2019/2020 & 2020/2021 which were provided with the Agenda ahead of the meeting for review. The Treasurer advised that the reports had been verified and independently audited. The Treasurer advised that the Association’s financial position as at 30 Jun 21 was as follows:
a. $29653 – funds held in the bank

b. $404 – items held in stock (copies of ‘The Pen is Mightier’ and Ties).

4. It was proposed that the FY reports be accepted as true and accurate records:

a. FY 19/20 – Proposed: Marc Henderson; Seconded Andy Maskell. Motion Carried.

b. FY 20/21 – Proposed: Marc Henderson; Seconded Andy Maskell. Motion Carried.

5. The Treasurer advised that a full audit had been conducted of the Association’s membership to comply with the ACT Association’s Act. This audit was also reconciled against the Association’s financial documentation. As a result of the audit several members had renewed their membership with most opting for the lifelong membership option. It was discussed that a few of these members believed that their membership was current as they had been receiving emails and the Scribbler. Andy Maskell advised a list of current members and their email address (and postal address for a number of offline members) was now held. It was also discussed that wherever possible that direct deposit be used for the payment of funds, ie membership, book purchases, event fees, as the use of PayPal results in a small transaction cost. As at 06 Oct 21 there were 231 active members. As a result of a number of book sales and the membership validation the Association’s cash holdings at 07 Oct 21 were as follows:

a. $3025.53 – 5a Mess Account

b. $27969.36 – 5b Investment Account.

6. The Treasurer also advised that the documentation for FY 19/20 had also been finalised and it was intended to submit the documentation for both FYs to the ACT Government to meet our obligations under the Association’s Act; once both returns are submitted this brings all our documentation up to date. The President thanked the Treasurer for all his efforts to finalise both FYs and his diligence in meeting these important requirements.

7. Election of Office Bearers and Ordinary Committee Members. It was discussed that since the last AGM was recently conducted (31 Mar 21) in the event a position on the Committee was uncontested and the member remained a volunteer to continue as a Committee member, incumbents would be returned for a further period, ie until the next AGM which would be held in Sep/Oct 22. It was also discussed that the Agenda outlined this intention. It was further discussed that the 31 Mar 21 AGM was held to meet compliance requirements and that the AGM would normally be conducted post the end of the financial year to allow the required documentation to be submitted to meet the ACT Association’s Act requirements. This was agreed by all members present.

8. The outgoing President Mark Worrall declared all positions vacant as part of the AGM proceedings as well as formally standing down as the President, and passed the meeting over to Andrew Maskell, Acting Secretary and Voting Returns Officer. Andrew Maskell advised that no new nominations had been received and that the current Association members remained volunteers to act as an Association Committee member. As a result the following members were confirmed:
Role Nominee
President Mark Worrall
Vice President Jaylene Byrne
Treasurer Marc Henderson
Secretary Andrew Maskell
Ordinary Committee Member Alan Axford
Ordinary Committee Member Steve Friend
Ordinary Committee Member Matt Regan

9. Secretary’s Update. Andy Maskell advised that he now has access to the scribes@ranwriters.comemail and was maintaining the secretary@ranwriters.com as the primary means to contact the Association. It was discussed that a number of emails within the general inbox had assisted in the reconciliation of the membership database. It was also highlighted that access to this inbox also facilitated the transfer of member’s details held in the archived MailChimp account which was used in the past for the distribution of the Scribbler.

10. It was discussed that positive feedback had been received to the revised Scribbler format and as a result of the membership validation the e-Newsletter was reaching a wider audience. It was agreed that the Scribbler should continue as a quarterly document and wherever possible members are to be encouraged to share their stories. The President advised that in response to receiving a copy of the Scribbler our Patron, Commodore Klenthis had indicated he was keen to pen a piece on the development and evolution of the Maritime Personnel Community in the next edition. The Secretary took for action to liaise with Commodore Klenthis for the next edition of the Scribbler which will be the Christmas edition.

ACTION: Secretary to liaise with Commodore Klenthis in relation to a submission for the next edition of the Scribbler.

Other Business
11. Association Rules. It was discussed that as a result of significant changes to the ACT Association’s Act which removed detail on Association structures and governance, that the Association would be required to reconsider the ‘rules’. It was discussed that the revised Act included examples of what should be considered as part of an Association’s rules. It includes: membership eligibility, fees, committee structure, discipline, dispute resolution. The President noted this requirement and asked that it be brought forward at the next Committee meeting for discussion.

ACTION: Secretary to bring forward this matter at the first Committee meeting in 2022 for consideration and staffing to the Association for adaption.

12. Webpage Redevelopment. Matt Regan advised that the webpage redevelopment was continuing and it was intended to go live on the replacement webpage at the first available opportunity. The President thanked Matt for his work acknowledging that this work along with all other tasks are completed by volunteers in their own time.
ACTION: Matt Regan to continue to progress the Association’s webpage redevelopment and to release the revised version at the first available opportunity.

13. Future Reunion Planning. It was discussed that the conduct of network events including assessing the feasibility of conducting a reunion would be discussed further in the new year by the Committee.

14. With there being no further business the President thanked all for their attendance, again thanked the outgoing Committee for their service, and indicated he looked forward to working with the Committee and continuing to reinvigorate the Association.

15. The meeting was closed at 2007 hrs.

M Worrall         A Maskell
President          Secretary

15 December 2021 15 December 2021
Attachments: RAN Writers Association Treasurer’s Report – FY19/20 RAN Writers Association Treasurer’s Report – FY20/21