Royal Australian Navy Writers Association

(incorporating Maritime Logistics Personnel)

2018/2019 Annual General Meeting

26 Oct 19

Club York 95-99 York St Sydney


President declared the meeting open at 1310.


1.Current President, Mark Worrall, gave a welcome address to those present outlining the Agenda and procedures for the meeting. Acknowledging the good turnout and the number of current serving ‘scribes’ present. A thank you to Mark Mobley for organising the venue and table for lunch and the AGM.Minutes of the previous AGM were confirmed – tabled Mark Worrall Seconded Steve Friend. Nil actions arising.

2. Attendance: 16 attendees, 18 apologies. Apologies were submitted by:

Leonard White

Vicki Crawley Prout

Jill Kelly

Alan Dummett

Martin Grogan

Kerry Eaton

Ted Haase

Morrie Jepperson

Liz Miller

Mal Ritchie

Paddy O’Brien

Charles Bardwell

Teddy Bardswell

Ray Bragge

Kirsty Burbridge

James Carroll

Gordon Kent

Marc Henderson

4. Presidents Report

The president tabled a report that outlined the duties undertaken for the preceding year and the vision for the upcoming year, including the 2020 reunion in Canberra. Special mention was made of the outgoing Committee members and the wonderful contribution they have made. Whilst all have made a full contribution to the running of the Writers Association, the outgoing Treasurer Leonard ‘Knocker’ White has given 15 years of outstanding service to the Association as the chief bean counter. Unfortunately, Knocker will not be standing again.


5. Treasurers Report / Statement of Financial Performance

Both reports were spoken to and showed an operating deficit of $1152.37 for the year. The Association is in a good position with over $32000.00 in financial assets.



6. All Committee positions declared vacant. Volunteers were sought and the following volunteers were duly elected;

President                   Mark Worrall

Vice President          Jaylene Byrne

Secretary                   Christine Merrilees

Treasurer                   Vacant/Leonard White

Member                      Mark Mobley

Member                      Jill Kelly

Member                      Alan Axford

Member                      Mitch Mitchell

Member                      Steve Friend

Member                      Craig Grundy

A Treasurer is still required and a volunteer is sought from the Association.


7. The President, on behalf of the Committee thanked all previous members of the Committee and welcomed the new members and those returning.  


8. Other Business

Acquisition of Name Badges for the Reunion and use at occasions such as the AGM

Raised Kev Cummins                     Seconded Mark Worrall

The Reunion Committee will investigate and report back to this Committee on a way ahead.


9. Meeting Closed 1405.