Gubby passed away in the late 1970s, at Frankston, Victoria. Ex LCDR. The
following are recollections by ex Writers:

John Kindness “The Chief (Gubby) and I joined Platypus in August 1954. He came
from HMAS Commonwealth (Japan). He soon let us know he did not like the term
‘kippers’ in reference to RNER’s. He told us he was a proud Englishman.
Unfortunately, his baggage went adrift for a while. He only had what he ‘stood up
in’, so he wore the same clothes till he could go ashore and buy some kit to tide him
over till his gear turned up. Mick Randell called him by his nickname, I thought he
was saying ‘Grubby’ because of his appearance, due to lack of clean clothes. He put
us straight of the difference!
One night on a run ashore he ended up at Andre’s night club. He asked to see the
manager and tell him his neon sign was not working properly. He told him the ‘W’
was out. His reply was in in best Darlinghurst French was ‘Monsieur, the name of
the club is Andre’s NOT Andrews! The S&S Divisional Officer called the Chief to his
cabin and proceeded to give him a lecture on his behaviour and his drinking habits.
He did not present a very good image to the Division. At the end of the lecture, he
told the SBLT (Fresh from the college) when he had seen a bit of life had a few
experiences and dried out between the ears he would be able to advise him, till then
keep your opinions to yourself!
In spite of his social habits, he was always able to carry out his duties. Always
available to answer any questions put to him. Many times he was asked to appear as
the ‘accused’s friend’. I found him a model to which I could follow (Work wise). I
can’t remember when he left Platypus. He was relieved by CPO Lewin, another
Chief to follow by example.
Alex Goodieson “When I joined Navy Office DSP in June 1960 “Gubby” Allen
( Frank) was a CPOWTR in charge of one of the posting sections.”
Terry Young “Gubby was Captain’s Secretary at Harman having recently been
promoted to SBLT SDSU W when I was posted there as a WTR2 in April 63. Dave
Keig was the LWTR and Ron Dalgleish the PO. I really liked Gubby and was old
school i.e. knew his stuff. Recall he was married to Sandy and was always in strife
with her as he loved his drink “whisky” I think and was always late home. He was
tough but fair. I remember going through the signals one day and was tearing up
the unclassified’s and throwing them in the bin, by mistake I tore up a Secret one.
After realising my mistake I attempted to recover it and stick it back together with
Sellotape, was not popular but apart from a dressing down escaped unscathed.
Ironically I was later to take the same job as Gubby in the same building in 1974.
Yep he was definitely ex-RN, a gentleman with a great sense of humour and to hear
of the circumstances of his demise is very sad, there but for the grace of god go all of
Les Roberts “I was Secretary to NOICVIC from Mar 1971 to mid 1974 and, from
memory, Frank was Secretary to CST and then when NOICVIC split from
CERBERUS, he remained as Secretary to CO CERBERUS.”
Lindsay Lake “LCDR Allen was the Base Supply Officer HMAS Tarangau in 1973.
Frank told me over a beer that he was a Acting CPOWTR when he was only 22
years old. He also served as part of the allied occupational forces unit in Japan at
the end of World War 2. Frank was called BSO Eye glass by the PNG personnel at
Tarangau. He was a great man and very easy to talk to.”
Arthur Skene “Frank Allen was a keen walker and frequently took part in walks for
fund raisers around his home area in Victoria. While he was the BSO at
TARANGAU and I was the CPOWTR in charge of the Pay and Accounts Office, he
and I, as the two oldest members of the Writers Branch took part together in a fun
run/walk to raise money for the local Manus Island Scouts participation in a
forthcoming Jamboree.
The run/walk was from the Naval Base at Lombrum to Lorengau the Manus District
(now Province) Administrative Centre, a distance of about fifteen and a half miles.
Sandy, Frank’s good wife, drove the BSO’s vehicle and at every mile provided Frank
with a “refresher” beer and me with a lemonade.
The result was that while one of the PNG Division sailors came in first as a runner,
Frank and I had the distinction of being the first two walkers to finish the course.
From memory, I think we did the walk in just under three and a half hours, which
was pretty good considering our ages and not being particularly fit as neither of us
were active sportsmen, and even with the help of the fluids incentive, the road was
not flat, nor sealed, being a crushed coral base and went up and down many hills
along the way.”
Marty Grogan “At the time of his death he was separated from his wife Sandy which
I assume was Sandra. He lived in a Navy married quarter in Frankston. As a 2 and
a half, he was Secretary to CDRE Dace Smyth (CST of Cerberus) in approximately 1969

He did a couple of stints at Tarangau. As a LCDR he paid off as PSO
Melbourne (St. Kilda Road) in approximately mid 1979. He was to take over from
Retired SD CMDR Alf Calder as Secretary of the RAN Relief Trust Fund and
actually did a couple of weeks there as Resettlement Training.
Gubby was heavily in the grip of the Grape and used to do massive lunch time
sessions at the Casa De Manyarna Hotel (Case of Bananas) on the corner of St.
Kilda Road and Sturt Street opposite the Melbourne Shrine. He did not return to
the RANRTF one friday after lunch and was discovered by the police at about 1800
that night asleep on the Frankston Beach in full rig. His aspiring job as Secretary of
the RANRTF was cancelled.
He was eventually found dead in his home at Frankston a couple of years later. He
been dead for at least two months. He used to drink at Corvettes Corner at the Pier
Hotel in Frankston with such luminaries as ex LEUT SDSU S Stan (The Man)
Heywood, ex CPOPT Bill Lunnie, ex CPOME Jimmy McKenzie, ex POUW Rasher
Bacon all of whom are now breasting the bar across the bar.”