A – D Memorial

Surname Preferred name Nickname Nee: Date Decease
ADAMSON Hugh Malcolm     17/07/2001
ADAMSON Joy Helen     24/03/2013
ALEXANDER Robert Bob   27/04/2004
ALLEN Frank Gubby   1970’s
ALLEN Robert Bob   4/08/2013
AMES Wylie Radford   22/02/2011
ANDERSON Ruth Ailsa Elliott   21/06/2013
ANDREWS John Owen     2015
ANDREWS Frank Maxwell     30/10/1941
ANTHON Bruce William     5/02/2016
ARMSTRONG Pat     20/08/1995
ATKINS Kevin Thomas Artie   Approx 1990’s
ATKINSON James Bomber   7/08/2004
BAKER John William Bill   7/02/1966
BAKER Dorothy Dot   Not Known
BALDERSTONE Sir, James Schofield     15/10/2014
BALES Chris     18/06/2015
BANNER John William Jack   Not Known
BARBER John Colin Haji   12/02/1979
BARBOUR Christine Elizabeth     12/01/2013
BARKER Andrew Woofer   4/04/2009
BARRETT Patrick Charles Pat   12/01/1965
BARTON Brian Henry Dicky or Wild    15/09/2001
BATTAMS Ron     13/08/2004
BAYLISS Betty Lorraine Bobby   Not Known
BEAUCHAMP Ronald Harry     1995
BELL Robert Dempster Dinger   1/01/2008
BERRY Matthew     8/04/2008
BEVIS Christopher Henry     1982
BILLINGHAM Peter     1/07/2005
BLACK Florence June     Not Known
BLACK Alan Roy     Not Known
BLACKBURNE James Leslie     6/07/1931
BLACKLOCK Charles Herbert     13/06/1960
BLAKE William Francis Bill   1987
BLOOD William Ernest Bill   2015
BLUNDEN Errol Ernest     1978
BOCK Lyell Adolphe Adolf   Not Known
BOTTRIELL George     10/06/2010
BRANDL John     1/04/2000
BRASH Warren John     2016
BRAZEL Mark     16/11/2016
BREEN Paul     27/08/2010
BRENNAN Raymond Thomas Ray   21/03/1996
BRITTAIN Geoffrey     Not Known
BROKATE Max Anthony     10/02/1964
BROOMHAM R. W.     2008
BROWN David James A     18/02/1970
BROWN Kenneth Ernest Bomber   Approx 1960s
BROWN Edward Ted   Late 2009
BROWNE Robert William Bob   2/06/2010
BUNT Bronwyn Cheetham   Not Known
BUNTING Bronwyn     31/05/2001
BURLEY Robert Hartley Bob   11/11/1988
BURLEY Albert George Bert   11/06/1968
BURT Bill     12/04/2001
BUSCOMBE Nina     9/09/2003
BYRNE Brian Edward     2011
CAIRNS Brian Douglas Fingers   23-Feb-13
CALCUTT Amy Olive Arnold   7/01/2014
CALDER Alfred B Alf.   19/05/2014
CANN Norman Walter Norm   14/10/2009
CARDEN Geoffrey Lawrence     3/03/1998
CARLSON Michael Denham Mike   27/06/1988
CARVILLE Robert Aubrey Bob   1992
CONNELLAN Jack     1983/84
COOK Jeanetta Eva     29/03/1964
COOPER Stanley George     Approx 1980s
COUNSEL John Michael     Approx 1990s
COX Ronald Ron   2014
COX Margaret Hilda Inman   2014
COYLE Edward Ted   24/12/2015
COYNE Leo     Approx 1999
CRAFT Grant     Approx 1976
CRAWFORD Thomas Cooper Tom   2/05/1985
CROSSWAITE Dick     1987
CUMMINS John Gregory Jack   20/08/2015
CURTIN Brian     Approx 2003
DALGLEISH Ronald Campbell Ron   26/07/1988
DALGLISH Ian Robert     25/01/2015
DARWIN Ronald George     3/04/1942
DAVIDSON Doreen May McKenna   26/10/2011
DAVIE Conrad Morrie Con   6/12/2000
DAWE Ronald James     17/04/1975
DOHERTY Cyril Kenneth     12/02/1949
DOLLARD Lesley Joan Taylor   1/07/2007
DONKIN Peter Stanley     1998
DOUGLAS Thomas Ian     22/03/1942
DOWNING Beryl Harrison   27/05/2011
DOYLE Nicholas Lee     Not Known
DRYDEN Geoffrey Michael Mick   12/09/1964
DYKE Charles Everhard      1/08/1969

Adamson, Hugh Malcolm

Hugh passed away 17/07/2001. O/N R8200. Reported for duty on 10th April 1945 with the rank of probationary Writer. He served during World War II in HMA Ships Madang, Tarangau and at Lonsdale. He was demobilised on 3rd February 1947 and received a war gratuity of 54 pounds and 15 shillings.

Adamson, Joy Helen

Passed away 24 March 2013.WR1407 Writer. Served in HMAS Penguin, Lonsdale
and Cerberus 1943/46.

Alexander, Robert

Robert passed away on 27/04/2004. O/N A106426. Joined on 31st
May 1969 as a RCTPNG and transferred to RCTWTR on 22/8/1969.
During a long career, he served in Ships Sydney, Supply, Duchess,
Melbourne, Torrens, Newcastle and Brisbane. He served ashore at
Cerberus, Kuttabul (Fleet HQ), COMAUSNAVSUP, Penguin, Navy
HQ, Leeuwin, Stirling, Encounter and Harman (twice).

He paid off on 31st October 1998 and enlisted in Reserves for five
years. Retired as CPOWTR. Medals issued: DFSM, DFSM1, VLSM , DFSM2 , Second Clasp to DFSM, AASM45-VIET, AASM 1945-75 with Clasp

Allen, Frank (Gubby)

Gubby passed away in the late 1970s, at Frankston, Victoria. Ex LCDR. The
following are recollections by ex Writers:

John Kindness “The Chief (Gubby) and I joined Platypus in August 1954. He came
from HMAS Commonwealth (Japan). He soon let us know he did not like the term
‘kippers’ in reference to RNER’s. He told us he was a proud Englishman.
Unfortunately, his baggage went adrift for a while. He only had what he ‘stood up
in’, so he wore the same clothes till he could go ashore and buy some kit to tide him
over till his gear turned up. Mick Randell called him by his nickname, I thought he
was saying ‘Grubby’ because of his appearance, due to lack of clean clothes. He put
us straight of the difference!
One night on a run ashore he ended up at Andre’s night club. He asked to see the
manager and tell him his neon sign was not working properly. He told him the ‘W’
was out. His reply was in in best Darlinghurst French was ‘Monsieur, the name of
the club is Andre’s NOT Andrews! The S&S Divisional Officer called the Chief to his
cabin and proceeded to give him a lecture on his behaviour and his drinking habits.
He did not present a very good image to the Division. At the end of the lecture, he
told the SBLT (Fresh from the college) when he had seen a bit of life had a few
experiences and dried out between the ears he would be able to advise him, till then
keep your opinions to yourself!
In spite of his social habits, he was always able to carry out his duties. Always
available to answer any questions put to him. Many times he was asked to appear as
the ‘accused’s friend’. I found him a model to which I could follow (Work wise). I
can’t remember when he left Platypus. He was relieved by CPO Lewin, another
Chief to follow by example.
Alex Goodieson “When I joined Navy Office DSP in June 1960 “Gubby” Allen
( Frank) was a CPOWTR in charge of one of the posting sections.”
Terry Young “Gubby was Captain’s Secretary at Harman having recently been
promoted to SBLT SDSU W when I was posted there as a WTR2 in April 63. Dave
Keig was the LWTR and Ron Dalgleish the PO. I really liked Gubby and was old
school i.e. knew his stuff. Recall he was married to Sandy and was always in strife
with her as he loved his drink “whisky” I think and was always late home. He was
tough but fair. I remember going through the signals one day and was tearing up
the unclassified’s and throwing them in the bin, by mistake I tore up a Secret one.
After realising my mistake I attempted to recover it and stick it back together with
Sellotape, was not popular but apart from a dressing down escaped unscathed.
Ironically I was later to take the same job as Gubby in the same building in 1974.
Yep he was definitely ex-RN, a gentleman with a great sense of humour and to hear
of the circumstances of his demise is very sad, there but for the grace of god go all of
Les Roberts “I was Secretary to NOICVIC from Mar 1971 to mid 1974 and, from
memory, Frank was Secretary to CST and then when NOICVIC split from
CERBERUS, he remained as Secretary to CO CERBERUS.”
Lindsay Lake “LCDR Allen was the Base Supply Officer HMAS Tarangau in 1973.
Frank told me over a beer that he was a Acting CPOWTR when he was only 22
years old. He also served as part of the allied occupational forces unit in Japan at
the end of World War 2. Frank was called BSO Eye glass by the PNG personnel at
Tarangau. He was a great man and very easy to talk to.”
Arthur Skene “Frank Allen was a keen walker and frequently took part in walks for
fund raisers around his home area in Victoria. While he was the BSO at
TARANGAU and I was the CPOWTR in charge of the Pay and Accounts Office, he
and I, as the two oldest members of the Writers Branch took part together in a fun
run/walk to raise money for the local Manus Island Scouts participation in a
forthcoming Jamboree.
The run/walk was from the Naval Base at Lombrum to Lorengau the Manus District
(now Province) Administrative Centre, a distance of about fifteen and a half miles.
Sandy, Frank’s good wife, drove the BSO’s vehicle and at every mile provided Frank
with a “refresher” beer and me with a lemonade.
The result was that while one of the PNG Division sailors came in first as a runner,
Frank and I had the distinction of being the first two walkers to finish the course.
From memory, I think we did the walk in just under three and a half hours, which
was pretty good considering our ages and not being particularly fit as neither of us
were active sportsmen, and even with the help of the fluids incentive, the road was
not flat, nor sealed, being a crushed coral base and went up and down many hills
along the way.”
Marty Grogan “At the time of his death he was separated from his wife Sandy which
I assume was Sandra. He lived in a Navy married quarter in Frankston. As a 2 and
a half, he was Secretary to CDRE Dace Smyth (CST of Cerberus) in approximately 1969

He did a couple of stints at Tarangau. As a LCDR he paid off as PSO
Melbourne (St. Kilda Road) in approximately mid 1979. He was to take over from
Retired SD CMDR Alf Calder as Secretary of the RAN Relief Trust Fund and
actually did a couple of weeks there as Resettlement Training.
Gubby was heavily in the grip of the Grape and used to do massive lunch time
sessions at the Casa De Manyarna Hotel (Case of Bananas) on the corner of St.
Kilda Road and Sturt Street opposite the Melbourne Shrine. He did not return to
the RANRTF one friday after lunch and was discovered by the police at about 1800
that night asleep on the Frankston Beach in full rig. His aspiring job as Secretary of
the RANRTF was cancelled.
He was eventually found dead in his home at Frankston a couple of years later. He
been dead for at least two months. He used to drink at Corvettes Corner at the Pier
Hotel in Frankston with such luminaries as ex LEUT SDSU S Stan (The Man)
Heywood, ex CPOPT Bill Lunnie, ex CPOME Jimmy McKenzie, ex POUW Rasher
Bacon all of whom are now breasting the bar across the bar.”

Ames, Wylie (Nee Radford)

Wylie passed away 22/02/2011. WR330. Wylie joined the RAN 5th October 1942 as
a Writer. She served a number of shore establishments including Cerberus and
Leeuwin. Promoted LS 5/1944 and PO 9/1944. On the 19th May 1945 she was
appointed as Third Officer. Her appointment was terminated 2nd August 1946.

Anderson, Ruth Ailsa Nee Elliott

Passed away 21 June 2013. WR1882 Writer. Enlisted 10 November 1943

Appointed probationary Third Officer on 22 June 1944 and
confirmed as such on 22 September 1944.
Promoted to Second Officer 1 October 1945. Served at the Port War
Signal Station Sydney, HMAS Penguin, Cerberus (OTC) and

E – H Memorial

Surname Preferred name Nickname Nee: Date Decease
ECKEL Alan Salty   27/07/1998
EDWARDS P.L. McMahon   Early 2009
EMERSON Charlit Charlie   6/02/2004
FAIRMAN Leonard Jack Les   Approx 1987
FARQUHARSON Betty     24/02/2013
FARR Keith Benjamin     2000
FESSEY Edgar John     1/06/2005
FINN Merie Jackie Horner 00-10-2009
FISHER Charles Vincent Charlie   1976
FOLLETT Judith Geraldine     2006
FRANCIS Lyn Karen     26/09/2007
FREE Ronald Neville     28/10/2011
FRENCH Clifton Alan Froggy   14/07/1963
GADD Gregory Harold Greg   28/08/2015
GEIGER John Jack   Not Known
GIBSON Peter Peter or Gibbo   1/10/2009
GILBERT Henry John     19/06/2001
GILBERT Reginald Punchy   12/07/2004
GILLIES Max     Not Known
GLENDENNING Alf     2004
GLOVER Mavin Catherine Mavis   Not Known
GOLDING Ted     29/10/2010
GRANTINS John Johnny Gee   1/09/2012
GREEN Sandra Michelle Sandy Paul 10/07/2015
GREEN Ronald John     23/12/2003
GRIFFITH Nancy Kirk Priddle   5/12/2014
GRIFFITH Phil     3/10/2007
GRIFFITHS Frederick James Fred   2013
GRUNDY William Bill   17/02/2006
GUILD John Bluey   24/10/2012
HUMPHREY Peter John Frederick     19/06/2008

I – L Memorial

Surname Preferred name Nickname Nee: Date Decease
IRVINE Frederick Edward Fred   1980’s
IRVINE Alexander Dickson     Approx 1980’s
JEFFERY Derek     2001
JEFFREYS John Douglas JD   13/02/2005
JENNINGS Guy Randall     2005
JOHNSTON George     20/11/1941
JOHNSTON Lawrence William     7/10/1934
JONES Frederick Stanley.     2011
JONES A R     2002
JONES Col     Jul-15
KEAN Merle Bishop   2007
KELMAN Bruce Alexander     12/02/2010
KEMP Reginal George Reg   17/02/2010
KENNY Laurie     1/05/2000
KILBY Robert Francis Bob   2016
KING Eric Thomas     Approx 2002
KIRBY Victor John Rip   14/05/2014
KIRBY Richard George     25/08/1960
KIRK Linton J     5/12/2012
KLEM Lindsay Ronald     31/10/2013
KUBILINSKAS Edna Mary Camlin   Jul-08
KUHN Alexander Edgar McDonald   Not Known
LAMBIE Rodman Rod   19/09/2014
LANGWORTHY Eric John Lofty   00-08-1986
LAWLER P W P Pat   1999/2000
LAWSON Allan Desmond Des   27/09/2010
LEA Thomas     1980’s
LEAVEY Alan     18/04/2016
LEE Margaret     Not Known
LEWIN Colin     1995
LEWIS Whilmina Jessa      2009
LINDSAY Ron     Not Known
LITTLEJOHN Ethel Doris     Not Known
LIU Dalton Bo   Not Known
LOATS Willa Dorothy     Not Known
LOBAN Frances Lorraine Fran Thomas 16/06/2008

M – P Memorial

Surname Preferred name Nickname Nee: Date Decease
MACDONALD Joan Olsson   11/02/2010
MACKENZIE B.G. Griffith   2007
MACKINNON Alan Douglas Mac   Not Known
MALPASS Joan     Late 2009
MANLEY Gladys Rose Maxwell   8/12/2014
MARJASON Edna Florence     23/01/1944
MARKHAM John Leonard Jack   00-04-2010
MATHESON Laurence Laurie   Not Known
MATTHEWS Reginald Norman Blue   22/12/2012
MATTHEWS Claude Douglas     20/10/2009
MAUDE David Thomas Lupton Dave   2016
MCCOSKER John Reginald Jack   2016
MCDONALD Grace Thelma Griffith   17/12/2013
MCDONALD Michael Ernest     Not Known
MCDONNELL Alfred Reginald     Not Known
MCFADDEN Martin Leo Marty   31/07/2016
MCGREGOR Malcolm John Mal   28/11/2012
MCHARRY Terence Norman Mcaitch/Terry   24/12/2016
MCKAY Bernard  Bernie   28/03/2012
MCLAUGHLIN Ian Robert     11/05/2011
MCNAB Donald William Sandy   17-Mar-00
MCQUEEN Gwen Lorraine Little   31/12/2013
MCVICKERS Thomas James Tom   1986/87
MECKELBURG Robert John     19/12/1964
MEDARIS Jack     23/11/1990
MEDARIS Patricia     6/06/2009
MEE Margaret Lorraine     Not Known
MERRETT Norma Edith     8/06/2013
MILLER Robert William Dusty   14/08/2011
MONTGOMERY John Joseph Roger Monty   2/05/2009
MOODIE Terence E.J.     00-10-2001
MOONIE Terrence Tammy   21/09/2010
MORDAUNT Francis Xavier     20/11/1941
MORGAN Allen Ray     16/05/2004
MORGAN Ian Alexander     Jul-08
MOY John Dudley Curley   8/07/1970
MUNRO Jean Otter   14/04/2011
MURRAY Barry Milton Laws     4/10/2004
NASH Johnathan JJ   3/03/2011
NELSON J     2015
NEVILLE Richard . Francis Frank   24/02/2014
NICHOLS Marjorie Dawn Mardi Hales 6-Dec-12
NOBLE Douglas Arnold     6/10/2005
NOLAN John Ernest Sid   13/09/2003
NORRIS John William     8/09/1956
NORTON Ray     27/07/2013
NORWOOD Edward Wallace Ted   00-12-1971
O’BRIEN J F     2004
O’CONNELL Kevin John Lofty   12/07/2006
O’DONOGHUE Michael Patrick Mick   9/07/1979
O’DONOHUE Mick     1979
OSBORNE Clive Geoffrey     25/03/1996
OTTER Robert William Bob   2005
OWEN David Frederick     1/06/1999
PAECH Paul     3/02/2007
PARRY Graham Austin     10/11/2002
PEARSON Ernest Albert     28/08/1931
PEART Richard Maxwell     19/06/2006
PHILLIPS Neill     3/09/2001
PINCOTT Oliver George George   2/04/2016
PINSACH Louis Lou   2/05/1998
PLANT Kerrie Joy Baron   May-16
PUNSHON Brenda Marie Scrivener   8/07/2011
PURDIE Kenneth Carnagan     29/04/1960
PURTELL Edward Geoffrey     27/11/1941
PYERS Douglas Doug   20/09/2004
PYWELL Robert William Bob   Not Known

Q – T Memorial

Surname Preferred name Nickname Nee: Date Decease
RAFFELL R Alf   9/01/1910
REED George Percival     20/11/1941
REINHARDT Gordon Flash   1963
RHODES Norma Jean Mc Carthy   Mid 2015
RIX Gordon Robert     1/06/2005
RIX Gordon Robert     29/09/2002
ROBERTS Leslie Arthur     10/02/2008
ROBERTSON Harold Nelson Robbie   00-08-1986
ROBINSON Gordon Neil     26/03/2007
ROCKE Bruce     23/09/2004
ROCKEY John  Thomas George     6/06/1905
RODDA Graham Edward     3/01/1987
RODWELL Rosemary Ferazzo   00-04-1987
ROGERS E     Not Known
ROLLE Margaret     Not Known
ROSE Athol     10/02/2014
ROSS Helen Hawe   2010
ROSS Trevor     21/07/2011
ROUSE James Leslie     Jun-08
RUTHERFORD Alan Vincent     2012
SALTMARSH Vera     28/08/2005
SAMUEL Peter Montague     Not Known
SAUNDERS Herbert Henry     7/12/1941
SAUNDERS Rowan Stanley     15/04/2014
SCOTT Barry Aldred     10/02/1964
SCULLY Edward Terence Mick   1/11/2005
SHARMAN Peter Anthony Beachball   25/04/1991
SHEEHAN Clarence Naughton     2004
SHERWOOD John Francis Jack   26/04/2010
SHORT John Darcy Jack   23/03/2016
SIMPSON Kevin Henry Simmo   17/06/2015
SINCLAIR Alan     28/10/2006
SINDEN Geoffrey Howard Boys Time   3/07/2011
SMITH William Douglas  Doug   1/07/2001
SMITH Anthony John Tony   19/04/2012
SMITH Harry Archibald     2010
SMITH Keith William Joseph     14/07/2016
SMITH Ross William Joseph     2015
SMYTH Arthur William Artie – Bill   00-11-2002
SMYTHE Stephen Arthur.     20/11/1992
SNAPE Cecil Raymond Cec   10/07/2011
SPRINGHALL Margaret Jamieson Davis   2011
STANDEN Terry     Not Known
STEELE Alan William Stainless   7/09/2011
STEVENS Edward Charles. Ned   15/10/2008
STICKLER Terry     1/08/1988
STOKES Edward George Cyril Eddy   Not Known
STUART William Farcourt     20/11/1941
STURZAKER Geoffrey John     2/11/1959
SUGDEN Charles Allen Charlie   Not Known
SUTHERLAND Kathleen McNeil Kay   Not Known
SWALES John David Jack   19/05/2001
SWINDELLS Donald John Don   2001
TAPRELL Gladys May Bland   2/02/2011
TARRANT D’arcy Allman     7/06/2016
TATNELL Shane Maxwell Spider   1/01/2011
TIBBALLS Eric     6/10/2011
TICKLE John Robert     00-05-2007
TILEY Andrea Annie   28/05/2014
TILNEY Graham Ross Roscoe   Approx 70/80’s
TODD Lesley Nunn   20/09/2011
TREBILCO Marie Ilma     11-Dec
TRIPLETT Leonard James Len   1978
TROTT William James  Bill   12/02/2006
TURK Neville Quinn Anzac     14/09/1984

U – Z Memorial

Surname Preferred name Nickname Nee: Date Decease
VAN WETERING Sue Lalor   22/11/2016
VEAL Malcolm John     30/07/2008
WADE John     28/01/2016
WALL Brian Bulkhead   Not Known
WALSH Peter James     29/12/2004
WARDLE Charles Edwin Ted   Early 2000
WARNER John Linton Henry     22/01/2012
WATKINS Christopher Chris   5/02/2014
WATSON Robin Edward The Wog   2/04/1993
WATSON Raymond Sanders     26/10/2010
WATSON Frank Rowland     1/03/1942
WATT Lyn Butler   1/08/2009
WAUDBY Peter George George   30/10/2010
WEBB John Lindsey Lindsey   29/05/2011
WESTMORE Margaret Elizabeth Cox   20/05/2010
WHEAR Leonard John     9/03/1942
WHEELER David Everard Not Known    
WHITAKER Bruce     1/03/1999
WHITBREAD Romilly Blain Rom   2010
WHITE Colin James Knocker   24/07/1974
WHITELAW Alan Russell     11/09/2012
WHITFIELD Lionel William     20/11/1941
WILLIAMS Hardley Not Known    
WILLIAMS Elma Grace Sally Nielson 12/04/2013
WILLIAMS Douglas Henry Doug   1977
WILMOT Vincent Roy     6/12/2009
WILSON Nellie Eloaine Berwick   4/05/2010
WINCHESTER Terri-Ann Mahoney   14/01/2013
WOODHOUSE Heather     6/04/1998
WOOLNOUGH Ron     6/01/2001
WRIGGLES Brian     19/10/1980
WRIGHT John Hunsley     7/02/2006
WYMOND Rodney Lambert Rod.   20/07/2015
YEOMANS John Fulton     2004
ZWIERS Jan Martin John   23/08/2008