SCRIBBLER # 80.    June 2020



Welcome to Scribbler #80. What a year we have had thus far. I know there are some of our members and families going through tough times and our thoughts go out to them all.

Across Australia, and indeed internationally, we have had Bushfires, Floods, Hail Storms and now Covid-19 all causing wide-spread damage, asset losses, job losses, worst air pollution in the world, isolation and indeed sadly, loss of life. This has touched us all.

I have heard that many of you have battled the fires, were part of the clean-up teams and indeed assisted the community. For that we thank you dearly.

Obviously we are not through this yet but the national effort is showing positive results. We must continue to 


Scribe’s Reunion

It seems a long time ago now but the Scribe’s Reunion on the weekend of the 6th and 7th March 2020 was enjoyed by the wonderful people that attended.  The above natural disasters did not dampen the spirit of the attendees with last minute changes to the venues. One venue destroyed by the large and ferocious hail storm which left it without a roof, the next venue, the night before, was flooded during a freak rain storm that came through. But we got through it and a good time was had by all.   Thank you to all who made this weekend happen.


Maritime Personnel (MPERS) Community

The exciting evolution and growth of the MPERS Community is in full swing. On 09 Mar 2020, the ML-P workgroup officially transitioned to the Maritime Personnel Community and are now collectively referred to as Maritime Personnel (MPERS) sailors. 

A distinct rate badge is currently undergoing a trial to clearly identify the wearer as a member of the specialist personnel management workforce.  The rate badge consists of a wreath insignia, which represents victory/strength and people – reflective of people focussed capability.

This design is the culmination of extensive research and consultation and was created by a LSMPO, with the view it is both contemporary and reflective of the people-centred capability MPERS sailors provide. 


This will be a 100 person three month trial.



On a sad note, I have been made aware of the passing of three scribes;

WOWTR Alex Goodieson R47198. Alex joined the RAN on 17 March 1952. Serving on HMAShips Sydney, Vendetta, Melbourne and Vampire. As well as several shore postings including time as the Assistant to the Armed Services Attache in Manila and three stints in the Directorate of Sailors Postings. Vale Alex. 

Lindsay Malcolm Hawes. Lindsay started his Navy career as a Data Operator who transferred over to the Writer Category in the late 1960’s. Lindsay served for over 20 years within which time he made two trips to Vietnam. Vale Lindsay. 

CPOWTR Danny Estcourt. Danny joined the RAN Reserves in 1961 as a recruit Writer. He liked what he saw and transferred to the PNF. Serving on HMAShips  Parramatta, Melbourne, Derwent and Duchess.. Several shore postings including HMAS Melville, Huon, Tarangua and of course Harman Navy Office.  Danny discharged in 1983. Danny Crossed the Bar at approx. 2300 Wednesday 6th May 2020. 




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Royal Australian Navy Writers Association

(incorporating Maritime Logistics Personnel)

2018/2019 Annual General Meeting

26 Oct 19

Club York 95-99 York St Sydney


President declared the meeting open at 1310.


1.Current President, Mark Worrall, gave a welcome address to those present outlining the Agenda and procedures for the meeting. Acknowledging the good turnout and the number of current serving ‘scribes’ present. A thank you to Mark Mobley for organising the venue and table for lunch and the AGM.Minutes of the previous AGM were confirmed – tabled Mark Worrall Seconded Steve Friend. Nil actions arising.

SCRIBBLER # 78.    July 2019




Welcome to Scribbler #78. It may have a long time between newsletters, but the lack of news does not mean we have been idle. Preparation is well under way for the 2020 Writers Reunion next March in Canberra.

Scribe’s Reunion

The 2020 reunion will be held in Canberra on the weekend of the 6th and 7th March 2020. The venue will be Rydges Capital Hill. Finer details and costs are in the final stages of negotiation and will be advised very soon.

Accommodation in the area is plentiful and close and with varying degrees of cost.

Rydges Capital Hill – The event venue – 02 62953144

Forrest Hotel and Apartments – 2 minute walk – Relaxed, Family-run hotel, 1 KM from Parliament House. Hotel rooms plus one and two bedroom fully appointed apartments – bring the family for the weekend – 02 62034300

Further afield but within walking distance is the Burbury, Little National, The Realm, the Kurrajong, Brassey House and further still Easts.

SCRIBBLER  # 76.    August 2018







All Positions on the Committee, President (Please note that Lew announced his retirement at the very successful Adelaide Reunion), Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three Committee Members are declared vacant at the AGM and an election of volunteers must take place.

To ensure the voting is done within accepted guidelines we would like a volunteer to act as the returning officer.  All financial members are eligible to vote. If you are not a financial member you can become one now, then you have the right to vote for a candidate of your choice.

The Association cannot operate without capable volunteers.  All positions will be declared vacant. Due to ‘Association rules and regulations’ the President, Secretary and Treasurer, as association officials must reside in the ACT.  All other positions are available to all other State/Territory residents.  Once we have a returning officer we will publicise where to send your nomination.  If there are more than one nomination for a position a vote will be required. All financial members are permitted to vote for the person of their selection.  Closing date for nominations will be 31 August 2018, voting will close on 01 October 2018.

SCRIBBLER  # 75.    June 2018






The planning was done, the program was set, the venues arranged and the keen team of volunteers promised a good reunion.  From all that we have heard they got that wrong, it was a wonderful time and a very worthwhile experience.  Congratulations Adelaide.

The much coveted Sir Yes Sir Global Writer Ring was won by James Carroll. This is a one off silver ring, with the Scribes logo on it, will be a piece of scribe history.



Lew Horsfield has announced his retirement as President at the Adelaide Reunion with the following speech

When I was elected to the Position of President of the Association back in 1998, I had good eyesight and brown hair. Well the hair colour has changed , the eyesight in my right eye just about gone, my back is going on me, and the strength in my right leg is going. So I thought I should be going too.

This will be my last term as I intend to step down at the AGM in October, after some 20 years. It is time to take my Long Service Leave.  I have been blessed with having a great team working with me, who kept me in check. I will be leaving with a lot of great memories.

At the Reunion, I was honoured to receive a silver level NAVY Commendation from the Deputy Chief of Navy.  I share this honour with my late friend Geoffrey Hardwick.





Welcome back. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and look forward to happy and successful New Year.

The new distribution system came with some minor glitches but we are sure these can be overcome. This did cause some timeliness issues.

To help facilitate a quicker and more streamlined anyone who has not given us an email address please do so.



Since the last Scribbler we held our AGM in Sydney, all Office bearers were returned and a welcome to Mark (Blue) Worrall (ex WO) as the new Secretary. Both the President’s and Treasurer’s Reports can be found in full on the website.


President’s Report (precísed)

There were no new names submitted to volunteer for a Committee position which is very disappointing.

During the 2017/18 period, I hope to have in place ex-officio Committee Liaison members, who will liaise with the Secretary to advise the Committee on suggestions, ideas or problems. Volunteers will be called.

If there are any members who think they are entitled to be a Member for life please contact me.


31ST MARCH 2017, I attended the graduation of the new ‘Scribes’ (Maritime Logistic Personnel – Operators) Course #22. I presented SMNMLP-O Kelly  Goosen with the Student of Merit.

25TH MAY 2017, I attended the graduation of the new intermediate Course #18.  Graduates, the Leaders, are officially known as MLP-SUPERVISORS (or Super Scribes). The Student of Merit was ABML P Samuel Johnston.


SCRIBBLER  # 71 -  January/February 2017

Until we get the web page up and running properly please check our FaceBook Page for urgent notices


See the advice from Marty Grogan regarding the cancellation of the Melbourne Reunion at:





All Positions on the Committee, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three Committee Members are declared vacant at the AGM and an election of volunteers must take place.

To ensure the voting is done within accepted practices Mark [Blue] Worrall has agreed to be the returning officer. Mark will also be acting secretary in the period before the AGM and election.

If you are interested in nominating yourself to become a member of the committee, please send your name and the position you are interested in to Blue Worrall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   If we have more names for a position a vote is required. All financial members are permitted to vote for the person of their selection.  Closing date for nominations will be 31st august 2017, voting will be concluded by 1st October 2017.

The returning officer will coordinate the voting, and pass the result to me in a sealed envelope a week before the AGM. The envelope will be opened, and results announced at the AGM. 

To ensure further progress and development of the association we need members to volunteer.  I especially would like to have some more serving members on the committee, or as an ex-officio committee member.