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  1. Leading Seaman Alisha Mosley and Leading Seaman Alan Williams with Terrance Quinn, Great Nephew of Ordinary Seaman Edward 'Teddy' Sheean VC at Brisbane Airport.
    When Leading Seamen Alisha Mosley and Alan Williams arrived at Brisbane Airport ready for duty on Operation COVID-19 ASSIST, they could not have imagined what they were about to experience.
  2. HMAS Ballarat in Cockburn Sound upon returning to Fleet Base West, Western Australia, following a successful Indian Ocean Deployment.
    HMAS Ballarat has returned to her home port of Fleet Base West near Rockingham, WA, following a successful Indian Ocean deployment.
  3. Sub Lieutenants Simon Fenech, Ryan Denholm, Josh Mavin and Natasha Price of HMAS Choules completed the Integrated Bridge Systems Operator Training.
    The Royal Australian Navy is providing junior officers with a unique training experience that provides a greater level of hands-on application on one of the fleet’s largest ships.
  4. Commander Gregory Davison of the Aircraft Maintenance and Flight Trials Unit in HMAS Albatross, says Navy people should celebrate the progress our service has made in promoting a better culture in recent years.
    Building the best team possible through means of respect, diversity and inclusion is among the top priorities for Commander Gregory Davison.
  5. Petty Officer Bobbie Ashman is on a mission to bust the stigma surrounding mental health.
    Petty Officer Electronics Technician Bobbie Ashman is on a mission to bust the stigma surrounding mental health that stops many men from seeking help when they need it most.