SCRIBBLER  # 71 –  January/February 2017

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See the advice from Marty Grogan regarding the cancellation of the Melbourne Reunion at:


Unfortunately the reunion scheduled for this year had to be cancelled, so to pick up the slack another one is planned for the first weekend in May 2018 in ADELAIDE – you know South Australia, the State that joins all the others.

For those that attended in 2005, our theme that year was “The Way We Were”, when we were still young enough to remember. Next year’s theme will be “The Way We Are”, as unfortunately the majority of us can no longer remember the way we were in 2005, let alone any earlier.

The usual program format will be carried on, why fix it if it isn’t broke, and knowledgeable residents of Adelaide will arrange many alternatives to keep attendees out of the front bar or from carrying shopping.

Who remembers that movie where Tom Hanks built a baseball field in his farm: “build it and the fans will come”? Well putting on a function like this is much the same, but instead of dreams some commitment is needed, you just cannot book a function for less than 50. So what the convenors would like to know is: “Do you think that you will probably/possibly attend? This information is needed by 30 April 2017, this year, to have any chance of getting somewhere decent to hold it.

These reunions are not just for the dinosaurs and other folk who did not need Official numbers because everybody knew everybody else, we would like to see the younger generation, even if it is only to demonstrate that there are other LEGENDS than MGG, who do you think taught him?

So think about it folks, and for any serving members to quote a former PM: “any CO or SO who will not grant a long week end for such a function, is a bum”.

The foundations are in place for the grandstand and the diamond has been marked out (metaphorically) so we are willing to build it. But, will you come?

Please communicate your intentions to:

or: The Secretary, RAN Writers Adelaide Reunion 2018, C/- 1 B Laurette St. Newtown SA. 5074



We have been advised of the demise of the following scribes:






Ex LCDR IAN PETER MCCONNOCHIE, OAM 69/1, CDO Clearance Diver No 257 (ex CPOWTR)

Short bio of Terry McHarry’s career:

Terry joined the Royal Australian Navy in March 1962 at the age of 23. Following completion of his training he was posted to HMaS CERBERUS.

He was posted for his first service of sea time to HMAS ANZAC. On completion of sea service he was posted to DSP for the first time in December 1964. He was promoted to LSWTR in February 1965. He completed his Advanced Writer Course in August 1966 and was subsequently promoted to POWTR in May 1967.

His second posting to sea was to HMAS VENDETTA. On completion of his time on VENDETTA he was again posted back to DSP. In May 1974, all good things come to an end and he was then again posted for sea service. This time to HMAS MORESBY.

He was promoted to CPOWTR in August 1975. After a short stint in HMAS ALBATROSS he once again returned to DSP in December 1975.

He paid off in March 1982 completing 20 years’ service.

During his period of service he was awarded the following:

Australian Service Medal 1945 – 1975,

Defence Force Service Medal,

National Medal, and Australian Defence Medal.

Terry was also the inaugural treasurer for many years when we set up the RAN Writers Association’s first reunion back in 1998.

The following was passed via Arthur Skene regarding LCDR Ian Mcconnochie:

(Ian joined the Navy as a Writer and was promoted to CPOWTR before transferring to the Clearance Diver Branch. A gentleman of the highest order, who was well liked in our branch. Rest in Peace old Scribe. You were a legend in two branches of the Royal Australian Navy.)

Ian saw active service in Korea and Vietnam. Ian is a past President of the NSW RAN CD Association and a participant in taking our state based CD Association to a National Association. Ian is also a member of the HMAS SYDNEY Association


Fellow scribes who are not travelling too well:

Roy Sly – now in nursing care in Canberra

Graham Dennis – now in RSL Care Fairway Bundaberg



A few months ago, my computer crashed caused by a Microsoft 10 update. Whilst getting the Members list ready to send out advice re voting for the New Committee, I discovered that a few names and membership numbers were missing. The following is a list of the numbers missing: 60,62,66,,67,73,82,93,99,102,105,112,113,115,131,137,138,155,167,173,189,242,279,280,2


If your membership number is amongst those above, then please go to the Web Site and fill in the Change to Details form and send it to us. Thank you for your help.


I would like to bring to the notice of all members that we are still without a Secretary for the Association. This is putting a great deal of pressure on myself and the Treasurer, Knocker White to keep our files etc up to date. All members will notice the difference in the ENews and Scribbler magazine. We want to get standard back up to what it was like when Geoffrey was the Editor.

There MUST BE someone out there, close to the Canberra Area, who can take on the position of Secretary. Why we need someone near the Canberra Area is because we are incorporated in the ACT. Yearly reports are required to be forwarded to the ACT Government. It is not a full time job in its own way, as the Treasurer and I do various jobs. We need a person who can pick up one third of the general work load. We supply a Lap Top Computer so it does not interfere with your own computer.

I noticed that there a lot of new names appearing in our face book page. Names that we do not have in our database. To help us get our records up to date would you also go to our web page and fill in the change of personal details form.


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