Since the last Scribbler we held our AGM in Sydney, all Office bearers were returned and a welcome to Mark (Blue) Worrall (ex WO) as the new Secretary. Both the President’s and Treasurer’s Reports can be found in full on the website.


President’s Report (precísed)

There were no new names submitted to volunteer for a Committee position which is very disappointing.

During the 2017/18 period, I hope to have in place ex-officio Committee Liaison members, who will liaise with the Secretary to advise the Committee on suggestions, ideas or problems. Volunteers will be called.

If there are any members who think they are entitled to be a Member for life please contact me.


31ST MARCH 2017, I attended the graduation of the new ‘Scribes’ (Maritime Logistic Personnel – Operators) Course #22. I presented SMNMLP-O Kelly  Goosen with the Student of Merit.

25TH MAY 2017, I attended the graduation of the new intermediate Course #18.  Graduates, the Leaders, are officially known as MLP-SUPERVISORS (or Super Scribes). The Student of Merit was ABML P Samuel Johnston.


Treasurer’s Report 2016/2017  FY (precísed)

The association continues to remain in a healthy financial position.  2016/17 had an operating loss of $183.00 due in part to administration, website and prizes expenses.

Incoming funds remain strong through membership fees and interest payments.

As at 30 June 2017, the association had $31847 in the bank and $555 in stock.


Call to Scribes

It appears that good writers can also be bad correspondents, we need your updated contact details.  If you know any ex-scribes ensure they are aware of the association and join us. Carol McCarthy, Christopher Legge, Colin Hanley, Dan Mathieson, Derek Smith and Don Carmichael – we need your new details.



We have been advised the following Scribes have crossed the bar;






Fair Winds and our thoughts are with the loved ones.


Adelaide Reunion 2018

A Message from  B.J. Tucker – Registrar and Treasurer for the reunion( B.J. Is short for Bloody Joker)

Initially, a flurry of excited acceptances were received, along with deposits or full payment soon after the word was put about but since September 13th, zilch, naught, zero.

Now I know this is just an oversight and you are looking for cheap flights or hotel deals with Trivago or similar, that’s as may be, but at my age the uncertainty of it all has had a disastrous effect on my outlook on life, I sit all day staring at the computer screen waiting for an acceptance and counting those that have already accepted and deducting that from number from my break-even number , but it seems my waiting is all in vain. So for all you Writer folk who find Electronic transfers way too much, go and see an MLP, who would find an indelible pencil boring, and help will be provided.  As a last resort get a Grand Child to help, but one way or another put me out of my misery.    BJ is Waiting – Waiting.


Registrations can be done online at:

Select your options

Complete your details

Make your payment. (Job Done!)

For those who are not on email [ hard to believe these days and get a hard copy of the newsletter I am including a copy of the registration form in this post out.  Please return it to the   Reunion Secretary @ 41 B, Margate St, Brighton, SA  5048.

The convenors have had quite a number of unofficial communications regarding prices, venue’s menus and the like, so in the hope of answering all queries past and future, the following link is provided.


The idea is to be revenue neutral.


Glenelg is the obvious choice of location, and the Stamford Grand can provide venues and accommodation without getting a cab or wet or lost or blown away. 


Registration and Meet and Greet will be at a properly catered “cocktail reception


A trendier “working lunch” will be a more inclusive farewell to all those attending.


The Stamford Grand Hotel has offered the conveners, a convention rate of $185 per night which includes one breakfast.

It is convenient to stay here but not compulsory to do so.


Dress these days, is a matter of personal choice, however, “trendy homeless attire” may not be too well received on the night.  On a personal note, my Tux is from the Italian label “San Vincente di Paulo”.

Menu Selections

We are assured that all dietary needs can be met. This will be known after registrations have been received by the conveners. A copy of the proposed menu is on the web page.

This is the initial image of what the logo will look like

The final agreed image will be in the next Scribbler.

Height: 81.3 mm x Width: 72.5 mm



Membership Fees 

As stated in the July/August Newsletter there have been changes to the Membership fees.

Please assist us by sending a scanned copy of your ‘membership card’ so we can confirm our records and ensure you are a Member for Life.


Reunions, notes

In 2018, reunions for Vendetta and Vampire are being organised. We believe this will be a combined reunion for Daring’s Crews.  Further details will be advised when known.

There is a proposal emerging to design and construct a memorial in recognition of the Malaya Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation in ANZAC Parade, Canberra.  Les Bailey is the proposer and if you are interested, email Les at:  LEPHILS110@GMAIL.COM