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All Positions on the Committee, President (Please note that Lew announced his retirement at the very successful Adelaide Reunion), Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three Committee Members are declared vacant at the AGM and an election of volunteers must take place.

To ensure the voting is done within accepted guidelines we would like a volunteer to act as the returning officer.  All financial members are eligible to vote. If you are not a financial member you can become one now, then you have the right to vote for a candidate of your choice.

The Association cannot operate without capable volunteers.  All positions will be declared vacant. Due to ‘Association rules and regulations’ the President, Secretary and Treasurer, as association officials must reside in the ACT.  All other positions are available to all other State/Territory residents.  Once we have a returning officer we will publicise where to send your nomination.  If there are more than one nomination for a position a vote will be required. All financial members are permitted to vote for the person of their selection.  Closing date for nominations will be 31 August 2018, voting will close on 01 October 2018.

The returning officer will coordinate the volunteers names and voting, and will pass the results to the President in a sealed envelope a week before the AGM. The envelope will be opened and results announced at the AGM.

To ensure continued progress and development of the Association we need members to volunteer.  There is a need to have more currently serving members on the Committee even as an ex-officio Committee Member. 

Where will the AGM be held? I hear you ask.

This year’s annual General Meeting is to be held in conjunction with the 41st Sydney Writers’ Luncheon at the Club York, 95-99 York Street, Sydney (opposite the Queen Victoria Building) ( which is an easy walk to both buses and trains.  Commencing at 1130.  Thank you Mark Mobley for organising this venue.

Draft Agenda

  1. In accordance with the Constitution a Quorum must be present/represented.
  2. Table apologies.
  3. Confirm previous minutes.

Previous Minutes will be circulated prior to the meeting.

  1. Presidents Report
  2. Treasurers Report
  3. Election of Committee


Vice President,


Members/Representatives for each State/Territory

  1. Other business
  2. Membership Fees
  3. Any other submission received from members (before 31 August 2018) by the Secretary (
  4. Next AGM
  5. Meeting Closed


In my role as the National Director for the Defence and Industry Study Course I had the good fortune to visit the Darwin Ports and be given a guided tour of the facilities (along with 50 of my closest friends) by none other than ex- Scribe (if there is such a thing as an ex-Scribe) Peter ‘Pat’ Dummett.  Which was a pleasure and the course took away a lot from his musings.

A little bird has also told me that Peter also caught up with Mark ‘Blinky’ Rotherham, who is working with a shipping company.

Blue Worrall


Book Review

“Attack on Paradise” by Ian (Brose) Palmer  (ex-CPOWTR)

Highly trained government field agent, Max Gale, must be a magnet for trouble, especially of the international espionage kind.  Fresh from a dangerous operation in South-East Asia for Australia’s Foreign Affairs Department, we find Gale relaxing in a reef bar off Queensland’s tropical playground, Port Douglas.  Sipping on a cold drink while relaxing and enjoying a well-earned break from hazardous intelligence undertakings, anything resembling treachery was furthermost from Gale’s mind as he soaked up the cool breeze wafting over Australia’s idyllic Great Barrier Reef.  But his newfound solitude was not to last.  A violent explosion onboard a research vessel working off the reef had him reaching for his dive gear and launching him into another completely unexpected mission, filled with twists and turns that would test even this ex-navy veteran to his limits.

“Attack on Paradise” is the second in what may prove to be a series of action/adventure novels by author, Ian Palmer, covering the daring exploits of military field operative, Max Gale.  The first, of course, was the absorbing “Gale Force”, a tale of the agent’s deeds when called back to work undercover for the Royal Australian Navy.  Palmer’s initial venture into the domain of writing was his very readable “Report of Proceedings”, a non-fiction memoir of his 20-year career in Australia’s navy.  “Brose”, as he is colloquially known to those who served with him, has once again drawn on his navy experience to give the book its authenticity.  As well, he uses his knowledge of the merchant navy world, gained while working extensively there in civilian life.  The story has also evolved from his research into the ecological dangers affecting oceans and reefs today, by consultation with experts in this exacting field.  One such professional is his son, who just happens to hold a science degree on the very subject.

But aside from the forgoing undertaking by the author to give the yarn its cred, Palmer’s laidback writing style and fresh turn-of-phrase within the book’s dialogue, gives it its unique appeal. 

If you’ve enjoyed the works of a similar theme by celebrated authors such as Australian novelist, Matthew Reilly, or even MacLean, Monsarrat and maybe Fleming, then it’s entirely conceivable you’ll find Brose’s latest effort an entertaining read as well. 

Paperback – 358 pages. Price: around $20 + shipping

For orders, go online to  Lulu books Attack on Paradise Ian Palmer

Reviewed by Dave Rickard  


We have an incredible talent pool out there so keep us informed on what you are up to and share with fellow scribes.



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